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Goof-Proof DIY Desserts

Dessert Universe is devoted to supporting you in your desire to create desserts that are a joy to make, a delight to enjoy, and that you’ll be proud to serve and share with loved ones.

Whether you’re already well established in your kitchen and just short on time and need the convenience of a prepared dessert kit that’s tested, proven, and bakery-perfect, or just starting out with creating baked goods and want to have the support and guidance to help you enjoy the process from the very beginning - Dessert Universe is your source for the all-in-one package to give you the best experience from order to serving plate.

We’ve tested a collection of recipes to perfection and created the complete kit with every ingredient measured exactly. We send you an instruction guide for assembling the dessert in every kit, but we’ve also gone a step further - you can create your perfect dessert by following our video tutorial for each recipe. Truly, Goof-Proof Recipes™!

Get creating, the Goof-Proof Recipes™ way - all the excitement and delight of successful baking, with no shopping or flopping! All pre-measured quality ingredients are delivered cooler-packed directly to your doorstep.

To get started, you just need to remember the A-B-Cs:

Our dessert kits are more than just a box filled with the fresh, quality ingredients you’ll use to make WOW treats for all of your senses - it’s the start of a community of home bakers you can connect and share your love of baking with.

When you open the package, the first thing you’ll find is our easy-to-follow recipe card, which also features a link to our step-by-step video recipe instructions if you would like to follow along with us in creating your dessert this way.

Next, you’ll find each of our fresh, precision-measured, and complete dessert kit is packaged up in three components, each labeled for your convenience with both the ingredient name as well as the component it belongs to:

  1. Base - the ingredients that form the main part of your dessert kit recipe.
  2. Cream - the ingredients which are secondary to the forming of your dessert kit recipe and are normally the most highly perishable ingredients.
  3. Topping - the ingredients you will use to finish your dessert kit recipe into the final masterpiece which delights not only your sense of smell and taste, but also makes your homemade dessert creation a feast for your eyes as well.

Dessert Making That's Easy as 1 , 2 , 3!

  • 1. Check out videos of desserts you'd like to create.
    Browse our dessert shop and select any of the Goof-Proof Recipes dessert kits that strike your fancy.
  • 2. Complete the easy, hassle-free doorstep delivery request.
    Add your choice(s) to cart and checkout. Your dessert kit is freshly measured and packaged as soon as you order - not a minute before.
  • 3. Enjoy baking.
    After receiving your kit(s), start following along to our step-by-step video recipe instructions, or simply use the written instructions included in your complete dessert kit. Have a wonderful baking experience!
Happy Baking!

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