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Welcome to Dessert Universe! We want to share the joy of baking!


Bakery quality desserts you can make yourself, with all ingredients pre-measured and delivered right to your doorstep.


Fresh, locally sourced, preservative and additive free ingredients.


Giving the time constrained home baker a hassle-free way to get back to the joys of dessert making.


Packaging that is recyclable and/or reusable.


The goal of Dessert Universe is to make delicious, bakery-quality desserts easy for you to DIY. Show your love with Dessert Universe and start baking delicious treats for friends and family, the simple way.

Dessert Universe is all about carefree baking! It can be hard enough to choose a recipe, let alone find every ingredient in specialty shops. Even simple desserts can have exotic ingredients. Dessert Universe measures and packs everything in your recipe so you can spend your time on the fun part - actually being in the kitchen and baking up delights!


Dessert Universe offers more than complete, fresh, doorstep delivery dessert kits. We’re also in the business of creating community and connection for home bakers to find support and encouragement in their baking journey, as well as advocating for the wellbeing of our community in promoting the healthful benefits of returning to the traditions that help us to be more sustainable for ourselves, our local farms, producers, and supply chains, and also deepen the relationships in our lives as we share the results of our creative works of heart in our kitchens.

When you choose Dessert Universe, you choose excellence, sustainability, reliability, expertise, community, connection, and the healthful progress created in using the wonderful technologies of today to return to the best of the roots of our food heritage.


Everything about our products is centered around the belief that going back to the basics is the best way to create a wonderful, sustainable, healthful life and planet.

Fresh, locally sourced ingredients, no preservatives, and step-by-step instructions in multiple formats make Dessert Universe the leader in the time-honoured creative outlet of dessert making.

For those who are new to the delightful pastime of creating in their kitchens, we wanted to ensure that our DIY dessert kits would provide the best possible experience from hassle-free ordering through to the end-product results. That’s why we’ve created our complete dessert kits as Goof-Proof Recipes™ - every dessert kit is precision-measured, and each ingredient is included and clearly labeled with both the ingredient name and the component it belongs to - Base, Cream, Topping - and we’ve included not just a recipe card for you to make your dessert, we’ve also created a step-by-step video tutorial you can follow.

At Dessert Universe, we strive to create dessert kits you will love whether you’re a beginner just starting to explore the magical alchemy of the baking arts or an experienced dessert creator who’s looking for ways to save time and enjoy the best of what home baking is without the drudgery and hassle of heading to stores and waiting in lines.

Our dessert kits are more than just a box filled with the fresh, quality ingredients you’ll use to make WOW treats for all of your senses - it’s the start of a community of home bakers you can connect and share your love of baking with.

Dessert Universe only provides delicious, fresh ingredients like these:

  • Whole milk
  • Creamery butter
  • Free-run eggs
  • Madagascar vanilla


Dessert Universe is on a mission to achieve the goal of providing the modern solution to the timeless connection to a treasured heritage: crafting delightful treats from the best, freshest ingredients.

We are the leader in quality - assembling each complete, precision-measured dessert kit with only the finest, freshest, most flavourful ingredients.

We are the leader in convenience - you no longer need to sacrifice quality for time-saving; we deliver the complete dessert ingredient kit right to your doorstep, cooler-packed.

We are the leader in excellence - quality products, expert knowledge, hassle-free orders, and friendly, convenient advice to help you improve your skills.

We are the leader in experience - we’re on a mission of sharing tips, tricks, and techniques for those who are wanting to begin building their creative skills in dessert making.

We’re passionate about growing a community of home baking enthusiasts who find in the Dessert Universe a source of not just world-class time-saving dessert kit solutions, but also a trusted source of inspiration and expert knowledge.

We’re committed to enabling you to Create - Flourish - Enjoy through the wonderfully creative art of dessert making.


Dessert Universe holds a deep regard for operating sustainably. We source our ingredients locally wherever possible, and we choose our packaging items to be recyclable and/or reusable.

Sustainability goes beyond ingredient sourcing and packaging options, though.

Dessert Universe was born from the understanding of the value inherent in the ability to create sustainability for oneself and sharing that with our loved ones. To use what is best about technological advancements and pair it with a growth back into the best of our collective human heritage. To bring back the wonderful roots of creating for ourselves in our own home.

Sustainability is creating, deepening relationships, sharing, expressing, slowing down, caring for our mental and emotional health, returning to whole and fresh ingredients in the foods we consume (including treats and desserts!).

Sustainability is practicing progress in what is healthful for mind, body, home, family, and planet.

Dessert Universe is honoured to be a part of helping to make that an easier journey for you.

Meet Ganna

Founder of Dessert Universe

Ganna grew up with gardening, home cooking, and baking as a way of life in her mother country of Ukraine. She took that with her as she studied abroad and when she moved to Canada, it continued to be a large part of her life. Always ambitious, a longtime dream for Ganna has been to own and operate a business where she can express herself creatively in a way that touches the lives of those she serves. Her love of creating desserts was a natural fit for building a business from that would allow for both of these things to come together in delicious harmony and that's how Dessert Universe home baking kits came to be.

Ganna Samoylenko

Founder, Dessert Universe