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DIY Dessert Kits


Eclairs with Custard & Chocolate Topping

Kit | In stock
These tasty eclairs will not leave you or your loved ones disappointed. You will be impressed by their lightness and richness of the taste. Something that will be fun to make together with your family or to impress your friends. Filling...

Dream Cake - Gluten Free

Kit | In stock

This amazing, not hard to make, cake tastes magnificent. It melts in your mouth and resembles tiramisu in someway. Very light with a hint of coffee. It has no flour and friendly to those who has Gluten intolerance. Try...


Goose Feet Cookies

Kit | In stock
These cookies are unique in a way that they contain 50% of homemade cottage cheese that you will learn to make easily at home. Healthier option for kids and family that are full of calcium. If you have never...

Cake "Milky Youth"

Kit | In stock
This cake will melt in your mouth. Reach with flavor and full of sweetness. it will be a perfect addition to a birthday party, anniversary or a special occasion. Serves 4 or 8. Enjoy!