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Earth Day - In the Home Kitchen

Mother (Earth) is ill. We must learn to care for her. If we made one small change at a time, it would create a large impact for her wellness.

At Dessert Universe we're slightly biased towards the love of all things home baked, but even so, we can't help but think that the heart of the home is the most WONDROUS place to return to with the next generation, learning the love of good food and delightful treats for the health of body and of Mother Earth.

Doorstep dessert kit delivery in Edmonton and area

We provide fresh, local ingredients in dessert recipe kits, delivered right to your front door.

Step-by-step video instructions make it easy to follow along for all ages.

Goof-Proof Recipes.

FRESH, locally sourced ingredients.

Doorstep delivery service.

All packaging is recyclable, and some can be repurposed for a new use in your kitchen as well!

Love Earth, from your kitchen.

Edmonton area home baking kit with FRESH ingredients and delivery right to your door

Shop our doorstep delivery dessert kits here.

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