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Baking is an Act of Self-Empowerment

The Therapeutic Effect of Home Baking

Once upon a time, home baking was a regular chore in most households, which was completed almost exclusively by women.

With the evolution of societal structures and the resulting effects on how homes and families functioned, home baking began to disappear gradually until today, very few households regularly create baked goods in their own kitchens on a regular basis.

home baking is self-empowerment


Alongside all the benefits we’ve gained in the evolution of our society’s construct, maybe we’ve also lost some really beneficial things in our homes and families.  

Like the age-old art and science of home baking.

Where once baking was a necessary part of self-sufficiency, and casting that chore by the wayside was an act of liberation for many of our foremothers, today it can be the ultimate expression of self-care and self-empowerment.

The world we live in today runs at an exhausting pace that never stops.

Baking is an act of slowing down intentionally in a break-neck speed world around us.

Home baking is a purposeful choosing of slowing down one’s own pace of life; of immersing mind, heart, hands, and senses into a creative process equal parts art and science; a powerful reconnection with a distant heritage; and it has the power to build a space for the participant to craft restorative properties for their mental and emotional well-being in the process of crafting with ingredients.

How Dessert Universe Helps

We’re often asked at Dessert Universe about why we didn’t create a bakery to serve wonderful, beautiful desserts from gleaming showcases.  We adore visiting beautiful bake shops as much as anyone, but we wanted to make a way for the busy professional or family to rediscover the incredible joy, fulfillment, and empowerment that the act of from-scratch baking offers.  

Recipe kit delivery for home baking from scratch

Dessert Universe was created so you can have the benefits and joys of the highest quality home baking experiences but without the wasted time and hassle of ingredient shopping or recipe flopping.  Many of our home baking kits are delivered to families and professionals who have extremely demanding schedules and the only way they can enjoy baking their goods is by taking advantage of the tested and proven recipes we’ve carefully pre-measured into our complete dessert recipe kits, and which we deliver directly to any doorstep within the Edmonton area FOR FREE!

We’re currently busy in our kitchen creating several new dessert recipe kits to add to our shop soon; we can’t wait until they’re ready and you can try them and maybe find your new very favourite dessert of all time that you can easily make in your own kitchen from scratch!

Meanwhile, would you like to make one of our current baker favourites? 

Shop our pre-measured, freshly prepared dessert recipe kits here. 

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