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Bake Desserts To Be
Proud Of — From Scratch!

Exciting Recipes.
Fresh Indgredients.
Home Delivery.

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Everything's in the box

We ship all the ingredients you need to create delicious, luxury treats directly to your doorstep, pre-measured & cooler-packed!

Creatively Inspired
Goof-Proof Recipes™

Fresh Ingredients—
No Dry Mixes!

Fun How-To Video

Home Delivery

Dessert Universe's tested-and-perfected Goof-Proof Recipes™ on video and printed cards will make you the proud baker of your dreams. All the excitement and delight of successful baking, with no shopping or flopping!

All pre-measured quality ingredients are delivered cooler-packed directly to your doorstep. Delights like whole milk, creamery butter, free-run eggs, real vanilla—that works. No hauling grocery bags, hoping you’ve got fresh cream or asking the neighbour for a cup of sugar!

Carefree Baking!

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Home Delivery

Ingredients are cooler-packed and delivered directly to you—everything stays fresh.

Get Baking

Open the box, following along with the video or use our handy instruction card to create your perfect sweet treat!

Enjoy Your Creation

Savour the pride of serving— and devouring—your homemade dessert creation!

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