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Every ingredient + step-by-step instructions

When you choose Dessert Universe, you choose FRESH. No dry mixes with 'add water + egg and bake' to be found here! Each of our Goof-Proof Recipe kits include high-quality, super fresh ingredients like you would expect from a fine bakery - cooler packed and delivered right to your front door so you can enjoy the wonderful art of dessert making with none of the hassles of ingredient shopping or recipe flopping.

Free Shipping

FREE delivery of home baking kits to doorsteps in and around Edmonton, Alberta!

Environmentally Friendly

Home baking dessert kits feature locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, and packaging is recyclable and/or reusable.

Goof-Proof DIYs

No ingredient shopping or recipe flopping! Just click and bake.

Dessert Universe

The whole recipe is in the box

Got a craving for a bit of baking? Too busy to find (and test!) multiple recipes - not to mention running out for ingredients? Dessert Universe offers the perfect delectable dessert creation solution! We’ve created scrumptious, Goof-Proof Recipes™, precisely measured into an easy-to-use, cooler-packed kit, and delivered directly to your doorstep. Say YES to Dessert Universe complete, fresh dessert kits so you can say NO to the frustration of collecting ingredients and the disappointment of failed recipes.

You won't find any stale boxes of powders at Dessert Universe. Every dessert kit is freshly prepared to order, using all fresh and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.
Dessert Universe creates recipes to delight all of your senses. Creating desserts should be exciting and rewarding from the moment your dessert kit arrives at your door until you taste the finished masterpiece.
Dessert Universe is local to Edmonton, Alberta and offers FREE delivery to doorsteps within Edmonton and nearby communities.

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Allow us to present to you our collection of deconstructed bakery delights waiting for your creative enjoyment - choose one, or choose many! We also invite you to subscribe to our Wowie! e-newsletter for first-to-know new recipes, tips, tricks, and exclusive specials!

Home Delivery

Ingredients are cooler-packed and delivered directly to you — everything stays perfectly fresh and fragrant!

Get Baking

Open the box of pure, fresh, goodness - labeled and packaged into our Goof-Proof Recipes™ system. Follow along with the step-by-step video tutorial for your recipe, or use our handy recipe card to create your perfect sweet treat!

Enjoy Your Creation!

Delight in the joy of savouring and sharing your homemade dessert creation!

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Melt-in-your mouth goodies waiting for your creative touch. Order today and bake from scratch - the hassle-free way.


Freshly Baked Reviews

Reviews from happy bakers!

Sweet reviews from home bakers who love home baking kits form Dessert Universe!

"I thought I did not know how to bake. I bought this kit. I got the same cake! I will definitely order again! Thank you for the delicious experience!"


"For me, as a complete novice in baking this video guide with packed and measured ingredients was a real gift from heavens. I did the eclairs today, first time in my life!!! They are yummy!!!! Try to make them, guys! It worth the effort!"


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